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Temporary Entry

Temporary Residence-Visitor Visa

Persons wishing to come to Canada for a short period of time in the nature of: vacation, Study, work or visiting friends and family must be in possession of an entry Visa to Canada before they could admitted into Canada. However, unless you are a   Citizen of a Visa free country, you will require a visitor visa before you can be admitted into Canada.

Note however that a visitor visa does not guarantee admission to Canada. A holder of a visitor visa may be required by an immigration officer at the port of entry to show among other reasons, that the purpose of the entry is genuine and temporary in nature.
It is also worthy to point out that visitor visas come with different “features”. Some are single entry visas, meaning that they are for one entry to Canada only. If you exit Canada at the end of your stay or on or before its expiry and wish to return, you will have to apply for another visa.

On the other hand, some visas are multiple entry visas which allow the holder to leave and return to Canada during the validity of their visa. If you are in Canada on a visitor visa and wish to apply for an extension of your visitor status, you can do so at a Canadian immigration office within Canada but you should so before the expiration of your visitor status usually 30days before your visa expires.




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